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Market Research and Asset Management


BentinPartner is a Basel-based Swiss financial services company providing market research, investment, advisory, and portfolio management services. We are a team of seasoned investment professionals with international experience from the public and private sectors. We strive to help our clients to connect the dots and overcome the constraints of an increasingly complex and fast-moving financial environment.


We help them build, consolidate, and manage their wealth, fortified by the three pillars of our business values; integrity, competence, and responsibility.


From Research To Results






Portfolio Management:


BentinPartner GmbH was founded under Swiss laws and is supervised as a financial intermediary and independent financial advisor by PolyReg, a Swiss self-regulatory organization (SRO).

BentinPartner GmbH is affiliated with FINSOM as its Ombudsman or third-party mediator offering clients access to a competent and independent mediation body in the event of conflict or dispute. 

BentinPartner GmbH is represented in the Swiss registry of Financial advisers Regfix.

BentinPartner GmbH is an active member of VSV-ASG, the Swiss Association of Wealth Managers.

The Bentin Daily

The Bentin Daily

Our Premium Research To Guide Your Investment Decisions Every Day !

Portfolio Advisory

Portfolio Advisory

We Advise, You Decide !

Our Blog...

Our Blog...

A Weekly Market Review

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