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We'll have you covered every morning with bullet points and an executive summary covering the most salient financial markets developments.


  • Join our free  trial (see the two options below) and start receiving our Premium Capital Markets Research (the Bentin daily) free of charge for 30 days.

Your advantages:

  1. Our research encapsulates much of what we have learned over the past 30 years, browsing through financial tea leaves and managing institutional money for top tiered public and private institutions.

  2. For a fraction of a good trade every year, you will receive straight to your mail box and in an easy to read format, our complete suite of market reports every day. We do not issue  "12 issues a year". We'll be your running mate for the whole year every day!

  3. Our research leaves no stone unturned and that is what makes it unique. We deliver a 360degrees review on all segments of  your portfolio, covering stocks, bonds, FX, commodities and precious metals, 4 times a week, reporting on performance data, trend, sentiment and investment flows on each of them, covering major ETFs'  and financial futures.

  4. We report what experts say about the world economy and the political environment. We deliver experts' opinion and our own.

  5. We'll help you identify trends and turns on all elements of your investment universe and much more!


We know that your money is precious and your time limited! Give us a chance to convince you. You won't regret it! 


We offer two subscription plans:

  • Private subscribers receive our complete suite of reports at the most competitive subscription price.  You can also take advantage of our “refer a friend” program and receive a 50% discount off our official price (see details of the program in section 13 of our General Terms and Conditions). Because we do not know much about you, your personal situation, your investment and liquidity preferences or your risk profile, we cannot issue specific recommendations to the general public.  However, you may want to consider our advisory services which all come with a subscription to additional model portfolios' updates and tailor made advice or portfolio management services. 

  • Corporate subscribers (official institutions, banks, family offices, high net worth individuals and qualified investors) may opt for a company wide distribution license and receive our comprehensive suite of reports, including daily updates on the positioning and performance of our two model portfolios. The Currency Overlay Program (COP) undertakes positions solely in foreign exchange and precious metals without leverage, drawing on  a value-at-risk  budget similar to that of a Swiss focus balanced (medium low level of risk) portfolio. With the Global Tactical portfolio(GT), we undertake all FX and precious metals positions derived from the COP model portfolio + up  to 11 additional tactical positions in bonds, equities and commodity markets. This portfolio targets  a global value-at-risk  similar to that of a Swiss focus "growth orientated" (medium high level of risk) portfolio. We review and communicate daily to you the positioning, performance and current VAR consumption of the  two portfolios along with detailed trade listing reports.  On an “opt in” basis and at no additional cost, you may choose to receive  additional economic and market related alerts, along with intra day market commentaries as events unfold, 5 days a week. This way, you can keep the pulse on the markets and the world economy any time, including when you are away having to deal with other issues.


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Register For Your 30days Free Trial! (Corporate Plan)

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