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Our Banking Partners


Selecting the right platform is of key importance to the long-term success of your portfolio. It determines what you can invest in, what you can trade and at what price. This decision also conditions the security of your assets from a  credit perspective.

We work with a variety of private and listed banks in Switzerland and with Securities firms regulated in Switzerland that are best suited to execute our different mandates.


Who Can Open a Bank Account in Switzerland?

Anyone can in principle open a Swiss bank account in Swiss francs and/or other currencies.  Each bank will have its minimum deposit amount for opening a relationship with non Swiss domiciled clients ranging from CHF50k to CHF250k. Banks will require clients to prove their identity with a passport or an ID card. Banks in Switzerland are not allowed to onboard funds which they know are either suspect or have been obtained through criminal activities. As a result, prior to opening an account, banks will ask for the documents proving the origin of the funds. This could be a bank statement with salary payments or documents establishing the sale of a property, a business, a pension or inheritance capital. Some restrictions may apply on certain nationalities and vary from bank to bank depending on the current political environnent. 

Banking secrecy laws remain in place in Switzerland and  Switzerland keeps excellent levels of services and a high level of privacy protection for their tax compliant assets.

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