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Our  team is gathered around one passion and geared towards one common ambition.

One Passion

We are passionate about navigating financial markets, monitoring risks and managing other people's money and our own. We recognize ourselves in the description that famed bond investor and founder of PIMCO, Bill Gross, made of bond investors, saying they should be one third economist, one third mathematician and one third horse trader.

One Ambition

Our goal is to get our clients financially well informed, well advised and well taken care of in “all weather conditions” and over the long term.

To guide us, we are driven by a business philosophy that reflects our core set of values; integrity and competence.

We produce market research  encapsulating much of what we have  learned, over the past 30 years. We share our thoughts, ideas and process with readers around the world with a free blog and Bentinpartner's  premium capital markets research.


Our experience, forged in the private and public sector, makes us trustworthy financial advisers. We combine a long and successful practice of financial markets with a solid risk and investment management process. We deliver a personalized service to our clients, steering their portfolio in “all weather” conditions.


Working in financial markets requires to adapt to a complex system in constant mutation. The risks of today are not those from yesterday, neither those of tomorrow but having sailed through and studied many financial crises, we feel well prepared to apply Mark Twains’ maxim that “history does not repeat itself but rhythms”.


Our approach rests on a three pillars' strategy;  thinking outside of the box, implementing an ambitious investment process and anchoring it to a solid risk management framework.

One Passion
One Ambition
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