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The Bentin Daily
Global Markets Research


The BentinPartner Daily


What We Deliver...


  • We integrate monetary, economic, and political analysis into a 3min daily read to help you manage your portfolio.

  • We help you identify trends and momentum across major asset classes and investment themes.

  • We flag what investment theme leads, lags, what FX pair or equity sector breaks out statistically.

  • Fundamental analysis answers the question "What to buy or sell?". Technical analysis helps with timing. We cover both dimensions.

  • Our newsletter encapsulates 30 years of experience, managing money, and writing market research for central banks at the BIS and top-tiered private institutions.

  • We track investment flows in and out of ETFs across asset classes,

  • We analyze the pricing and volumes of options to gauge market sentiment.

  • We monitor the health of the financial system, screening the performance of the world's top 30 financial institutions (their source of funding, equity, and CDS prices).

  • We track correlation patterns to detect trading regimes changes.

Our Spirit...

  • Our communication is candid, straight, opinionated, at the same time measured and above all, actionable.

  • We deliver the experts' opinions and our own.

  • We do the running for you the whole year and every day, leaving no stone unturned!



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