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Global Tactical
Mandate (GT)

Investment Objective



Recent market gyrations showed the importance of tail-risk mitigation.

Well-diversified strategic asset allocation will deliver the horse work for investors over the long term, still leaving them exposed to tail risks (statistically, equity investors are exposed to a near 20% loss every 20 years).

A defensive strategic allocation can reduce this tail risk but will invariably compromise long-term expected returns.

Our Global Tactical Mandate (GT) offers a hybrid solution mitigating the potential for catastrophic losses in the short term while pursuing the attractive long-term target returns from optimized strategic asset allocation, tactical adjustments, and security selection.

We deploy our active manager skills with various techniques tracking central banks, sentiment, investment flows, trends, and momentum.

We track correlation and volatility patterns to detect regime changes and reduce risks on a timely basis. 

We invest solely in highly liquid securities and financial futures, allowing rapid risk mitigation strategies.

We rely on sophisticated and integrated risk management technology (value-at-risk, tracking error) to monitor and manage our market exposure.

The GT mandate is our response to challenging market conditions, requiring constant vigilance.


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