BentinPartner Advisers

One Passion

Famed bond investor and founder of PIMCO, Bill Gross, said that seasoned bond investors should be one third economist, one third mathematician and one third horse trader. We recognize ourselves in this definition. Whether you are a casual reader of our blog, a dedicated reader of our Premium Capital Market Insight (PCMI) research, or if you hire us as your financial advisor, you will hear from us every day, rather than every month, every quarter or every year.  Our passion is to assess global financial developments, to share our investment ideas and to apply our judgment to win and keep the trust of our clients.

One Ambition

BentinPartner is a new actor in the Swiss financial advisory landscape. We wish to embrace the future, taking all the constraints of the present times as both a challenge and an opportunity. We feel a strong commitment to the traditional reputation of Switzerland as a financial center, reinforced by our long serving experience as central bankers, investment professionals or members of academic circles. We are an association of professionals with experience gathered around a common project with a business philosophy reflecting our core set of values; integrity, competence and responsibility. Our investment process places both modern risk management tools and  the human being at the center of our decision making. As such, we are also guaranteed "100% robo free" as we wish to stay away from the latest fads and fashion of Fintech.


Our ambition is to propose an innovative investment process combining our market insight with a powerful analytical framework and an innovating risk budgeting approach, offering our services  at a transparent, fair and  competitive price.

One Portfolio Management Process


Our responsibility is to advise or manage our clients portfolios in obeyance with their investor risk profile and their financial objectives, following a rigorous and innovating Portfolio Management Process.

One Goal

Our goal is to put our experience, our passion and our core set of values to the service of our clients  delivering  first class  market research and different levels of advisory.  

One Ruleset

As a Swiss based company founded under Swiss law, we operate in submission to the Swiss anti Money laundering legislation and the ethical code of conduct of the Swiss regulator.


BentinPartner is a financial services company regulated in Switzerland by PolyReg, a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) recognised by FINMA.

One Price

Our compensation structure is competitive and void of any conflict of interest associated to the activity on your portfolio or the choice of your custodian or financial intermediary. With the help of four Swiss banks partners, we can propose preferential transaction costs schedules. We receive no retrocession from any relationship started in relation to the management of our clients' portfolios or any transaction conducted thereafter on your behalf. This ensures that both your and our interests are perfectly aligned.

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